Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Personal Learning Network can continue even when ISWO is over

Through the blogs, you've shared your reflections in a format that's external to the course and I'm sure you all realize that this sharing doesn't have to end when the course ends. And blogging is just one of many social media tools that can extend your personal learning network and help you establish or deepen connections with people who share your interests.  It takes time to develop a sense of trust with the people in your PLN so this could be an ongoing process for you.

My hope is that in one way or another, your PLN will evolve and become more and more useful to you. You might continue with the blog you created here. You might have a different appreciation when you read the blog postings of others and you might be more likely to comment on postings you find or make the effort to seek out a favourite blogger at a conference (b.t.w. did you know you can narrow a google search to look only in blogs? and that you can refine that search by date?)

And you might decide to explore other aspects of social media.  Twitter, LinkedIn, sharing photos on Flickr -- the "participatory web" is vast.

And Royal Roads will soon launch a community called MyRRU. It's a space where you can view information and create your own as well. The ideas I've conveyed as your blogging steward will apply to that community and I hope it becomes a vibrant one. 

And this "meta blog" will remain in place as well :-)  I'll certainly continue doing what I've been doing because it's really led me to some interesting places.

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